“Jennifer has that rare combination of technical expertice and a great bedside manner. My clients love working with her. Her work is creative, accurate, and timely.”
Sloan Spaeth, Principal
Aquila Commercial

“Jennifer has endless amounts of energy, ideas and organization. As the chair of the PR committee for CREW Austin, she is successfully utilizing her design experience into big-picture promotion of the group and its members.”
Rosalie G. Keszler, Director/Presiden-Elect
CREW Austin

"…Our project manager, Jennifer, has gone out of her way to find us the most modern, clean and simple designs. The building is very corporate but we wanted our space to be creative and casual. [She] has certainly accomplished this for us."
Steve Andrews, CFO
Carat Fusion

"Jennifer handled our entire office construction from conception, drawings, modifications, colors, artwork, and furnishings down to even the small details. We have done many office construction projects and this was by far the most well organized and efficient. She was always available to discuss details and oversee construction. She understood the ‘look and feel’ we were trying to achieve and we made minimal revisions to her recommendations and selections. I would enter into another project with Jennifer without hesitation."
Janet Coyle, President
The Coyle Company

"Jennifer's design is 3-dimensional and always involving texture and movement. Four years later, we are still collecting a sea of compliments. Jennifer has picked up materials and finishes that were so new and revolutionary back then that they just now begin to enter the design market."
Alina Apteker, Owner
The State Room

"Jennifer’s keen sense of design coupled with her ability to absorb the specific needs of each project, has proven a very successful combination to our clients."
Marc Margulies , Principal
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer was able to combine a contemporary, urban style of the building with the traditional style of our target market. The two seemingly opposing styles complement each other in our new space, thanks to Jennifer's vision and design flair. Jennifer made the traditional feel ‘hip’ and the contemporary feel cozy."
Joan Carr, Regional Manager
AL Senior Housing

"I worked with Jennifer on a few projects and she was very pleasant to work with as a client. I was impressed with her sense of being responsive and treating everyone an equally important team member. As a project manager, she understood how to put her design team to work with us collaboratively and how to ensure us to deliver on a tight deadline without sacrificing quality. I would not hesitate to work with her on any project when she calls."
Kitty Li, Managing Partner
LIK Group

"I’ve seen what other designers do. Jennifer pushes her clients to the edge but helps them back away if it’s too much for them."
Michael Ferreira, top salesman at Architex Fabrics

"I was highly impressed with Jennifer's technical skills, ability to problem solve and get the job done. She has lots of energy and focus. My company would definitely work with Jennifer again and wish that there were more architects out there like her. She has strong creative abilities and the where-with-all to implement."
Pam Fraser, Senior Development Director
AL Senior Housing

"Jennifer has a unique ability to address problems directly as the scope of the project changes due to the client's requests for value engineering. She was able to keep the project moving while adjusting to the tenant’s needs and redirecting the project's contractor focus and delivering a product that the landlord could be confident represented the quality of their asset."
Rod Arrend, Partner
W&G Partnership, Ltd.

"Jennifer produces good conceptual architect designs and has the expertise to oversee the implementation of architect designs while ensuring projects remain on schedule."
Paul Rogers, Purchasing and Facilities Director
State Bar of Texas

"Jennifer and her team did a terrific job working for EOP on our Cambridge office portfolio."
Duncan Gratton, Partner
DTZ FHO Partners

"Working with Jennifer at MPA was a great experience. She has amazing concepts that always create beautiful spaces. As the graphic designer for the firm, she gave me a lot of material to work with! Although she has left the firm, I still enjoy working with the gorgeous spaces she created, and am happy that we are still able to work together despite our distance!"
Barbara Hicks, Director of Marketing and Media
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer was the lead architect on the State Room Project. This was a very detailed and high end job on the 33rd floor of 60 State St. in Boston. We worked very closely on a number of design and owner issue with an outcome that was outstanding. I wish she was still in our area: her leaving Boston was Boston's loss and Texas’s gain..."
Al Morancy, Superintendent
Commodore Builders

"Jennifer's introduction to her role as interior designer and project manager at Margulies Perruzzi Architects was a real baptism by fire. I remember how composed she was when, as a brand new member of the team, she participated in several new business interviews. Some of those interviews turned into projects, and I had less opportunity to present Jennifer to potential clients, as she was almost immediately fully booked. Her work was distinctive and fresh, and it gained notice, referrals and awards for the firm. Clients seemed to love working with her, and praised her attention to detail, design style, and accessibility. Personally, I enjoyed her sense of humor, her insights into marketing and client service and her unconventional spirit. I'm happy to recommend her very highly."
Virginia Daffron, former Director of Marketing
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer is very creative and attentive to details. We worked on several different projects together, each with its own set of complexities. Thorough, thoughtful, and innovative designs were brought to each project. We knew at the start of each project that between the design and the execution of it, the end results would be fantastic and our clients very happy with the results."
Norman Reiffarth, Vice President
Majestic Construction

"I handle public relations for Margulies Perruzzi Architects and worked with Jennifer during her time at the firm. I loved it when Jennifer was the contact for a project. She can explain the design and execution of an architectural or interiors project in such a way that we can write a strong and compelling press release or article. She was always responsive and willing to take the time to speak with me, regardless of how busy she was at the time. I miss working with her."
Susan Shelby, Principal
Rhino Public Relations LLC

"Jennifer is wonderfully creative. She understands space, materials, color and light, and how to make them all work together beautifully. In addition, she's an extremely thorough project manager; she knows how to move a project from concept to completion, and to do so with one eye on the budget and the other on the schedule. Jennifer also has the skills required to document her own designs on CADD, completely and clearly. She's a pleasure to work with - we miss her!"
Marc Margulies, Principal
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer brings an unusual mix of creative energy and dynamic problem solving to every project she undertakes. She is attentive, responsive and most importantly - very adept at interpreting her clients' needs into truly successful designs. She is affable, engaging and sincere in her client approach and I have consistently received positive feedback regarding her work ethic and creative initiative. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer for any project, large or small. She brings an enormous amount of talent and enthusiasm to every design she undertakes."
Joe Flynn, Senior Associate
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer is a very competent designer who balances the aesthetic along with the cost. Also she has a keen eye for the big picture and can balance many different vendors to complete projects on time and budget. Also, she is very focused on customer service and will work with vendors to find solutions for her clients."
Donna Bovi, Owner

"Jennifer has an eye for creative design concepts. She is very detailed oriented, and works well with her colleagues."
Trish Holland,
Assistant Manager, Real Estate Construction & Leasing
Hobbs Brook Management LLC

"As fire protection engineers, we assisted Jennifer on the development of architectural features to improve the fire safety of a restaurant. Jennifer took our ideas and developed some unique solutions that the client accepted."
Lee DeVito, President and Owner
FIREPRO Incorporated

"Jennifer worked with me on a large commercial office project. She designed two excellent employee cafeterias with unique themes and materials. She also coordinated with the kitchen equipment designer. She was also responsible for developing a furniture RFP and helping the client select systems furniture and a furniture vendor. She has demonstrated a high level of creativity, organization, and ability to work with clients and vendors."
Bill Holland, former Senior Associate
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer is a creative and exuberant designer and collaborator. Highly motivated and attentive to detail she understands the value of good design and communicates that to clients in a collegial, collaborative way."
John Pearson, Senior Associate
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer made a great name for herself in the time she was employed at Margulies Associates in Boston, MA. Jennifer was written up in local real estate publications and was quoted by her clients as being very talented and professional with her design challenges, that she was presented with. Her clients as well as myself really respected Jennifer as a real talent in this profession. I miss working with her here in Boston, specifying Spinneybeck!"
Julie Manchester, Sales Representative
Spinneybeck Leather

"Jennifer was detailed and always had the client's best interest in mind. Her design and vision were exceptional. I would highly recommend her."
Brenda Boissonault, Vice President
Peabody Office Furniture

"Jennifer is what you expect when you work with a designer at a design firm! she looks at what your needs are today and what they could be years from now and designs a space as such she is a true designer and not a factory that cuts and pastes the same boring palette of colors and texture on every job."
David Cassady, Sales Representative
Mats Inc.

"Jennifer is a top performer! She is well rounded designer who works independently or in a team. She is a good project manager; is very detail oriented, has a strong work ethic and is efficient with her use of time. I would highly recommend her."
Karen Bowery, Principal
Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects

"It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer. She is a very hard working, talented and creative designer. She works quickly and efficiently with extreme attention to detail. She possess incredible technical skills, has a thorough understanding of the entire construction process and local building codes, and continuously works within any financial boundaries set forth by the client. Jennifer always produces top quality design."
Alissa Brandt, Associate
Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a large office project. As the project’s architect I can say, with no doubt that Jennifer’s creative contributions lead to the overall success of the project. Jennifer has the ability to recognize the client’s requirements and transform that into a reality. She is an exceptional designer and working with Jennifer was a great
Mark Pelletier, former Architect
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"Jennifer and I worked together on a few corporate interior renovation projects while at Margulies Perruzzi Architects. She was a pleasure to work with and brought a tremendous amount of energy and creativity to the table every time. She was a fantastic resource to have in the office given her past project experience and interest in new products/design innovation."
Kim Smith, Senior Associate
Margulies Perruzzi Architects

"It was a pleasure working with Jennifer. Her talent and creativity was clearly reflected in her design work. She understood the connection between the client relationships she developed and generating new business development opportunities. Jennifer took the time to listen and react to a client's needs."
Phil Hammond, former Director of Business Development
Margulies Perruzzi Architects