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Carat Fusion

Austin, TX

This private residence was purchased new in the 1970s by a husband and wife attorney team. After raising their children, they were ready to renovate their house. The residence was almost entirely preserved in its original condition but in a fabulous Westlake location. All of the finishes were updated in this project but the most significant change was a 41 square foot exterior addition on the first floor allowing the kitchen to open up to the dining and living space for better gatherings and entertaining. An existing mechanical duct created low ceilings and it would have been very expensive to revise so instead we made the ceilings an intended feature. Lower soffits capped the overhead kitchen cabinets at the perimeter and the resulting high ceiling was accented with decorative wood beams. The Owner had previously changed the flooring in most of the living space to a neutral ceramic tile. However, the tile was now discontinued but they had a couple of boxes of matching material. The matching tile was applied sparingly to the perimeter of the new kitchen so the living spaces tied together. A tile that looks like wood was inset into the tile border, surrounding the kitchen island, and mirroring the outline of the higher ceilings above. The Owner wanted to incorporate ceramics that reminded her of her trips to the Italian countryside. The cooktop features a rooster tile mural and similar pieces are found on the new fireplace cladding. The perimeter counters are a neutral slabs and stained cabinets to accentuate the backsplash materials; however, the island is set apart with a patterned granite and a rustic painted base. The exterior addition also included a small canopy at the front door. This entry element along with the new roof line and windows helped update the blockish 70s fa├žade.


Red Design Studios